Monday, July 22, 2013

IXIM, the Mayan word for corn



IXIM (pronounced "ee-sheem") is the Mayan word for corn and it's also the name of this huge sculpture. It sits in the middle of the lobby of the Grand Bahia Principe Akumal is it really is quite impressive. The plaque at the foot of the sculpture reads:
This magnificent work of art represents man in his eternal communion with the elements, animals and plants, existing in harmony with nature. In the ancient cultures of Mexico, corn (maize) was considered a sacred plant, which symbolized the kindness of the universe toward man, in providing him with sustenance. The intent of "Ixim" is to awaken in the human beings an awareness of the fact that they are only cells of a living being called "Earth", which will only survive if it attains harmony.
Sculptor: Renato Dorfman
Year: 2001
Height: 9 meters (29.5 feet)
Weight: 15 metric tons (16.5 tons)"

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