Monday, April 19, 2010

Waves on the ground

Very colourful, isn't it?


Well, looking at this photo, one things catches my eye more than anything else: the shadows the wall casts on the sidewalk. Call me weird, but I think they fit the scene very well, since this is a viewpoint above a beach... with waves... :)
If you lean a little over the wall, you can see the "Whale Beach" (Praia da Baleia). It got its name in 1872, when a huge whale got stranded there and it's only one of the many beautiful beaches you can find in Ericeira, which shores are very well know among surfers.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Deep in the valley

I sometimes wonder if I could live far away from the ocean and deep in a valley...
I'd still have the sky and maybe a river to quench my thirst of living by the water, but I can't help thinking I'd wither away and lose myself on those slopes...

By the river

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To focus or not to focus

It was a cold day in the mountains. There was a pine tree in my field of vision when I was aiming my lens at the peak - I mean aiming for shooting, not for throwing ;P

I tend to take a lot of shots like these (as you can see here) and then I always end up not knowing which one I prefer - I guess they tell me different stories and I'm not big on preferring one emotion to another... For instance, I can't choose between fear and pure bliss. One is good for some moments, the other is good for... others.
So, this time I made a collage to get a real feel for the actual difference and maybe that would help me choose... but no. And then I finally made the choice to embrace both images - there's a choice I can live with :)


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