Monday, May 11, 2009

First steps in B&W

I've gone and now I'm back. I mean, I got back some three weeks ago - more like 25 days, 5 hours and a few minutes... but who's counting, right? ;)

It would be expected that I would have a lot to tell, although I'm not one to talk much (as most of those closest to me are painfully aware of ;). I like to write - I guess you can tell that by now. But this time it's like I'm stuck. Almost as if I feel like by putting pen to paper (in this case, finger to keyboard... ;) and pouring out all my thoughts and feelings, they will all get inexorably stuck in the past. It's as if as long as I can relive everything inside of me, the whole experience, the whole trip and everything I've done and seen, will always be a part of the here and now... every day. Well, maybe this doesn't make sense for anyone else but me... anyway, what else is new? :)

That's why I'm starting slowly - under the pretext of showing here my first venture into the world of black and white photography. I tend to prefer colour because I know that nothing in this world is just either black or white - and grey really isn't a colour I favour.

Where did all the colours go? ;)

All things considered, I believe this photo turned out OK... On the other hand, how the hell can anyone go wrong with a photo of New York?! ;)

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