Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back with a splash!

At first, I thought I was losing interest.
And I thought it was a temporary thing.
Then, as time went by, I started thinking that I was losing my mind.
My identity. All of a sudden, I couldn't think of myself as the enthusiast photographer I thought I was. I couldn't see myself as an enthusiast. Period. My vision seemed to be blurred beyond repair and that scared the hell out of me.

Then I thought: "I'll be damned if I can't shake this and go back to feeling the urge to have the shutter button under my index finger every time something worth shooting catches my eye..." - which used to happen a few hundred times a day!

And as I tried to fight my way through this mess inside my head (even reading this and other similar articles didn't help much)... it happened. The weather turned. The sea rose in an uproar of fury and I was free again. Free to be myself, to feel in touch with my most inner self and want to go out and shoot.

My beacon through the darkness (of my soul?)...
Always there, under the Sun and the Moon, braving the elements and daring me to go that extra mile... even if just inside my mind.

I always say one day I'll win the lottery or something, buy myself this beauty and just move there :)

Just before taking this, I closed my eyes facing the strong wind, took a deep breath and just listened to the roaring ocean... I could swear I felt it coming over me :)

Ocean spray

And when the light is this amazing, all I can do is shoot and shut up.
And that's what I did because I felt that, at long last, I was back with a splash! :)


lunaticg said...

Is that a real castle?
Near a sea?
I wish I can experience that myself.
See you around.

Carla F. said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. That is not a castle - it's a 16th century fortress with a lighthouse, built to protect Lisbon. And yes, it's in the middle of the sea - at the mouth of river Tagus, where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. You can see it here (http://www.flickr.com/photos/carlafrancisco/2931728357/in/set-72157602827030726/) a little bit more up-close and with some history.

... but - if you mean the photo under that, it's another 16th century fortress with a lighthouse which was used to complement the Bugio Tower (above) in defending Lisbon. This one is on the shore, at the beach near my house. And you can see some more photos of it here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/carlafrancisco/sets/72157602827030726/

lunaticg said...

Thank you for the detail information regarding this.
See you around next time.

Helena Paixão said...

Olá Carla!

Vim cuscar os teus blogues. Este agrada-me mais em termos de apresentação/grafismo mas em qualquer um deles se encontra a qualidade a que já nos habituaste no Flickr :-)

Quanto a este post, bem... às vezes a inspiração parece que nos foge, não é? E quando não conseguimos olhar com aquele olho critico, nem sequer apetece fotografar. Felizmente, passa rápido!


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