Monday, September 29, 2008

Wrath of the gods

My passion for severe weather was satisfied the other day during what I can only call a true orgy of clouds just before a magnificent thunderstorm.

Grey Sky I

The colours, the shapes, the way the wind moulded them before my eyes... a real feast - and I thank the gods for it.

Grey Sky II

By gods I mean Mother Earth and her weather leprechauns, elves and pixies... of course ;)


These photos don't do justice to the event itself... but I had lots of fun taking them. I was especially glad to be able to capture the faint flicker of a lighthouse caught in the middle of that raging storm.

Green flick(e)r of hope...

A green flicker of hope for those who feel lost and scared when witnessing these "arguments" from up above. Very faint and distant from where I stood... but there, without a doubt. There's always one of those, no matter how dire the straits we may find ourselves in... you just have to really look for it.


Sandra said...

Great pictures, as always :)
Love the colours
as one of those who feel not lost but scared when witnessing these "arguments" I have to say that it is really nice to see them like this - from the distance of a camera!

Amy said...

Wow - wonderful capture of those menacing clouds! I really love the intensity of storms and, of course, photographing them! You did a great job with these.

Carla F. said...

Thank you, Amy. I'm truly glad you like these photos. I've been to some sites where you publish your photos and your words - amazing work, congratulations!

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